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Let’s get FIT!

Today I’m gonna share with you my daily workout exercises! The FIRST SET , the main-target for butt & upper-leg zone is almost accessible for everyone. Not only you’ll get fit but you’ll burn fat, lose cellulite, stay in shape & create a healthy mind! I’ve made a nice picture design so you can print it  and paste it on your fridge, in your bathroom or wherever you feel like… as long as you stay focused.

Hitting the gym for more than 12 hours a week can be very exhausting and maybe you will not achieve your goals as you may quit very easily. Therefore, gain time & get your body trained @ home in only 15 min/day. From now on NO excuses and start today with the KHÔSY Lifestyle work-outset!

  • kick backward
  • fire hydrants
  • squats
  • plank
  • scissors sideways
  • clamshell

Keep in mind that warming up (2 min) & stretching (2min) is very important so you don’t overload your muscles. If the workoutset is to hard in the beginning, try to build up first (start with the 10x level). Take a day-break after 3 consecutive workout days. Another good thing to do is while taking a shower using a scrub, your skin can evacuate all the toxines and breathe again, don’t forget the moisturizer afterwards and to drink water a lot! Have fun & be happy…

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