Moroccan fresh mint tea

Moroccan fresh mint tea

How do we prepare Moroccan fresh mint tea? Well, I’m about to explain you the most easiest way to that delightful cup of tea. I must say that the traditional procedure is way more complicated.  You need: a teapot, teacups, green tea, sugar and last but not least fresh mint tea

Step 1: put a table spoon of green tea directly into the teapot (0,8 L )

Step 2: pour boiling water into the teapot (I suggest 1 teacup as shown in picture) and wait 5 min (green tea unfolds in contact with water)

Step 3: then circulating water into the teapot (lateral hand movements) and throw water but not green tea! This so-called ‘wash tea phase’ aims to withdraw a portion of its natural bitterness, repeat step 2+3 again

Step 4: clean your fresh mint tea (3 small mint stalks) under the water tap & prepare sugar

Step 5: pour hot water into the teapot again, fill up to 1/2, then put sugar (4,5 pieces) en add the fresh mint tea, full up with boiling water

Step 7: gently mix the teapot content with the table spoon and wait 5 min

Step 8: serve tea from a high distance to get a nice foam (this serving tip is an old tradition from the SAHARA…due to the heavy dessert wind lots of sand came into the cup, serving at high distance partly avoided that issue)

Did you know that Moroccan fresh mint tea is a healthy daily drink? A good medicine for digestion, cold & spirit.

Time to invite your friends !

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